I created this site as a place to post projects I have worked on with the hopes that they may help or inspire others.

This site is still a work in progress and will probably remain in that way indefinitely. I hope to add more projects that I have been working on as I get more time. I am also trying to get some of my old school work put up here as a reference for others.

Most of my work that I [will] post relates to digital and embedded design. I spent most of my early school years working with analog systems and when I transitioned to digital, I found my true interest.



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  1. Umur Ozhan SENGUL says:

    Hello, I like your Auto-Shutoff Circuit project and want to publish it in my native language (Turkish) in my blog (of course with the link of your site at top, end, and with a reference to you and your site). If you let me to publish please write to my e-mail. Otherwise I will not publish your work. Thanks for this circuit btw, it is very useful for me :)

  2. juan delacosta says:

    see how you made the auto off circuit. could a atx power on off . idea is a single push button to turn on a atx power without pc and that same push button held later longer would turn the atx off. 5vlt standby power could be used to power the circuit. i do not have the skills for this and your auto power off circuit seems in the same range of what i think this is like. can you please help me?

  3. Wong says:

    Could you help me write an avr programme to control relay at time intervals and loop function?
    I can pay you for the programme
    Please contact me by email to discuss

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