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This is my personal blog which might have my current and future projects I am working on, as well as anything else that I find interesting.

Adding a filter to a cheap car stereo

So while my car is out for the count I am stuck driving a beast with no radio.  If you have ever driven long distances with NO radio then you know how mind numbingly boring it can be.  I managed … Continue reading

Fixing a broken drawer

My kids have a cheap pressboard dresser and unfortunately it isn’t of the best quality.  They have plastic brackets that hold the front of the drawer together.  For whatever reason, these brackets kept snapping off and the drawer face would … Continue reading

New TV Power Board

So I turned the TV on the other day to watch something – all good – walked away, came back and the TV was off.  Hmm, strange, so I tried to turn it back on but nothing.  The next day … Continue reading

Molten Madness

It even burned the bottom!

I came home today from work and discovered that my newest clock had quit working.  At first I though that maybe it was a software problem since after all, it was thrown together fast.  I hooked up a serial terminal … Continue reading

My Trinket Prize just Arrived


Well, it turns out that I was one of the winners of the HaD Trinket Contest.  My Trinket board just arrived today and let me tell you, its small!  I’m not a fan of arduino but I’m sure I’ll be … Continue reading

Halloween Inspired Knock Box


Okay, so I saw this fun little knock box about two years ago. I knew that I had to own one but it was so close to Halloween that I knew I wouldn’t get it done in time so I … Continue reading

Repairing a MacBook Air – Take II


Okay, so about two weeks back I wrote about how I was able to Resurrect a Water Damaged MacBook Air. I was very happy that I saved the laptop, but it came at a price – I ripped the fan … Continue reading

Resurrecting a Water Damaged Macbook Air


Okay, so resurrecting is a little harsh – more like fixing a water damaged Macbook Air. So the backstory: My girlfriend and I came home and found her newish 2012 Macbook sitting in a puddle of liquid. We bought it … Continue reading

CD Clock Done!

Well I finally finished my CD Clock and the writeup.  You can find it here.  To be honest with you, it felt more like a school term project than a fun project.  I think that was because of the writeup … Continue reading

The Great Divide(r)


  In the midst of all the chaos and clutter, a friend asked me to help diagnose a control board for a commercial drier. Apparently it was working one day, then the next it wouldn’t turn on. He figured it … Continue reading

Raspbmc vs. OpenELEC

I’ve always wanted a small but powerful computer that I could easily connect to my spare TV to watch movies on. When the Raspberry Pi was introduced, I thought I had my answer. With it’s small but powerful arm processor, … Continue reading

Updates and New Projects

Well, it has been a while since I have been able to update my website. I’ve been extremely busy with work and my other up coming projects that I haven’t had any free time. If you have been following, then … Continue reading

POV CD Clock Update #4

Well, I don’t have a lot to talk about this time. I have spent most of my time tracking down that bug that I mentioned last time. I completely tore the software apart trying to find the culprit without any … Continue reading

POV Clock Update #3

I’ve got a lot done since my last update on my clock project. I have acquired an LED strip as well as an enclosure and a means to set the time. The LED strip I used was the most condensed … Continue reading

POV Clock – Phase 2

Now that I got the motor controller working, it is time to work on the RTC and LED driver parts. My original idea was to use an RTC chip to handle all of the time keeping but looking at the … Continue reading

POV Clock – Coming up with a design

I decided today that I wanted to try making a POV clock similar to the “hard drive clocks” floating around online. I thought about using one of my many dead drives to make this but with so many people having … Continue reading

My New Blog

This is the new blog section of my website that I just put together. I’ll be posting various small projects and events that dont deserve a full page and write up. So expect to see more content to come.