Fixing a broken drawer

My kids have a cheap pressboard dresser and unfortunately it isn’t of the best quality.  They have plastic brackets that hold the front of the drawer together.  For whatever reason, these brackets kept snapping off and the drawer face would fall off in your hand.  I decided this would be the perfect use for my 3D printer.  After a few hours with a pair of broken brackets and my calipers, I had them modeled and ready to print. The print job took about an hour to print 4 of them and after a bit of cleanup, they were ready to install.


An hour later and I have a fixed drawer!

An hour later and I have a fixed drawer!

After a week of them in use with no problems, I can safely say that the drawers are fixed.  In the event that they do break, its just a matter of printing out some more.  This quick and easy fix saved me from having to buy another dresser so I call it a win.

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